Video: Animal Planet hosts World Pup to find top dog

June 17 10:28 a.m.

Animal Planet, the TV channel that presents the annual, wildly successful Puppy Bowl in February, is switching gears to soccer with the inaugural “World Pup.” According to Fox News:

While the eyes of the world are on soccer’s top prize Brazil, Animal Planet has unveiled a new competition that’s going to the dogs.

The “World Pup” single-elimination bracket challenge asks canine fans to vote on their favorite country based on the dog breed that best represents each. Sixteen dogs proudly bark for their home countries, (most of which are top contenders in the World Cup), and each competes paw-to-paw as the world decides which country’s canine will win.

Animal Planet host and dog trainer Andrea Arden stopped by the set of “America’s Newsroom” Friday with 2 breeds dueling in the tournament — Sammy the Samoyed from Russia and Pierre the French Bulldog from France.

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Representing the U.S. in Animal Planet’s World Pup is the Alaskan Malamute:

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